Privacy Notice (GDPR)

Your Data Protection rights

Under data protection law, you have rights that we need to make you aware of. the rights available to you depend on our reason for processing your information.


Your right to erasure

You have the right to get your data deleted and in some circumstances we must do so. This is called the right of erasure. You may sometime hear this called the "right to be forgotten"


How to ask for your data to be deleted

You should contact us verbally or in writing. We would recommend emailing


If you make your request verbally, we would recommend that you follow it up in writing to provide a clear trail of correspondence. It will also provide clear evidence of your actions.


The right to erasure is not absolute and only applies in the following circumstances: 


  • We no longer need your data
  • You initially consented to the use of your data but have now withdrawn your consent
  • You have objected to the use of your data and your interests outweigh those of ours
  • We have collected or used your data unlawfully
  • We have a legal obligation to erase the data



When can we say no?

We may legally refuse your erasure request if: 

  • we are legally obliged to keep or hold your data
  • we need to keep your data to establish, exercise or defend legal claims.



We can also refuse your request if it is ‘manifestly unfounded or excessive’. In any case we will tell you and justify our decision.

In considering your request, we decide whether we need to erase your data. We will respond to your request either confirming or explaining why we do not consider that we have to erase your data.